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Pool Repair, Winter Park, FL

Backyard swimming pools perfectly encompass the mainstay of most Winter Park, FL homes. Swimming pools are one of the most common features of Florida homes and Winter Park is no different. But having a pool does entail a lot of responsibilities. Getting the pool constructed does not end the work. You still need accessories, pieces of machinery like a pool pump, pool heater, pool lights, chemical dispensers, filters, and so on. 

You will have to maintain them and get them serviced from time to time. You will also need to get the pool equipment repaired when they break down. Pool repair work must be done by a trusted expert or certified swimming pool electrician if the repair or installation of pool equipment involves electrical work. But with Pristine Pool Repair Winter Park, you do not have to worry about that ever. We provide pool repair services in Winter Park, FL  and surrounding areas.

Our Services

Pool Pump Repair

Pool pump repair services are not limited to a single job. There are so many types of pool pumps requiring different techniques.

Pool Heater Repair

Just like pool pumps, pool heaters also come in multiple types.

Pool Light Repair

Pool lights can be classified based on the type of installation they require and the technology they use.

Pool Equipment Installation

When you get a pool, there are various types of equipment that you must consider.

Salt Water Pool Systems

There was a time when people swore by chlorinated pools. In fact, even today, chlorine pools are the conventional choice

Pool Automation

More and more people are converting their houses into smart homes and the pool system is no different.

Pristine Pool Repair Winter Park is constantly keeping up with market trends and technological advancements in pool repair and pool technology. As a result, we are constantly expanding our range of services to include as many kinds of pool repair services the people of Winter Park, FL may need. In fact, if you search on the Internet, you will find that while most pool equipment repair companies have a limited range of services that they provide, we tried to cover the gambit of pool repair. 

Whether you need above-ground or in-ground pool repair, or whether you need pool pump repair for an induction pool pump or a modern one, you can count on us. From getting pool heater and light repair to doing a pool saltwater conversion and pool automation, no matter what pool service or pool equipment installation you need, you can trust us to provide the highest quality of service to you.

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Pool Pump Repair, Winter Park, FL

The most important part of pool repair is pool pump repair. Whether a pool has anything else or not, it must absolutely get a pool pump installation correctly done to keep the water clean and healthy. Without a running pool pump, your pool water will be run over by algae, bacteria, chemical deposits, and other contaminants from the environment.

That is why it’s important that when the pool pump malfunctions, it gets addressed as soon as possible for swimming pool pump repair, or if needed, a pool pump replacement. But finding a good company for quality swimming pool pump repair services can be hard in Winter Park, FL. 

That is why Pristine Pool Repair Winter Park provides you with every kind of pool pump repair service you can need under one roof. We provide pool pump motor repair service for variable speed pool pumps as well as single and two-speed pumps. We also do pool pump motor repair and pool pump motor replacement for saltwater pool pumps. If you even need expert services dedicatedly for Hayward pool pump repair, you can still come to us for an affordable pool motor repair.


Pool Heater Repair, Winter Park, FL


No one wants to go into a luke warm spa! Pool heaters are necessary to warm up the water to a suitable temperature for your spa so it can be enjoyed year around. This makes swimming pool heater repair important when it comes to pool repair. Pool heater repair services can vary depending on what kind of pool heater you have. Different types and models of pool heaters require a different kind of pool heater repair service. For example, you may need gas pool heater repair or electric pool heater repair depending on the heater type. 

For the services like solar swimming pool heater repair service or Hayward pool heater repair service, you will find affordable rates with Pristine Pool Repair Winter Park without compromising the quality of the pool heater service.

Pool Light Repair, Winter Park, FL

People can get highly confused when it comes to pool lighting. There are so many varieties in pool lights in terms of light type, fixtures and voltages people have difficulties understanding what is right for them. It is for this same reason that people often are not able to understand exactly what kind of light repair service they need to ask for from the pool repair service provider. 

If the technician is not certified to properly check the wiring and voltages for the pool light fixtures, the fixture can be permanently damaged if the wrong voltage is applied by bypassing a transformer. In this case, the customer will need a complete replacement pool light fixture replacement. No one wants that kind of hassle and Pristine Pool Repair Winter Park ensures you do not have to go through it. Whether you want your existing pool lights repaired or want a new LED pool light retrofit in Winter Park, FL, we have your back.


Pool Equipment Installation, Winter Park, FL


Pristine Pool Repair Winter Park also specializes in new pool equipment installation that include installations of filter systems, pool pumps, pool heaters, LED light fixtures, and more. 

We have certified pool electricians on staff for the expertise needed to wire equipment into your home power supply grid correctly. 

Our pool pump installation, pool heater installation, and pool light installation are our most common services. If you want to go for conversion to saltwater pool, our pool saltwater conversion service is perfect for you. Moreover, if you want an LED pool light retrofit swimming pool, we can get that done correctly and with no issues! No matter what the equipment, we know how to leverage our expertise to install or repair it.  

Salt Water Pool Systems, Winter Park, FL

If you research saltwater pool systems, you will instantly understand exactly why more and more people in Winter Park, FL are going for pool saltwater conversion because of the advantages they provide over conventional chlorinated pools. We have done many saltwater conversions for our clients in Winter Park. 

You will no longer have to deal with unpleasant smells, itchy skin, or burning eyes. Your pool maintenance will be easier with a salt cell system. You will not have to take the hassle of dumping chlorine tablets in the pool every single week. These are only some reasons why conversion to saltwater pool is a great idea. And Pristine Pool Repair Winter Park is here to help you get it done.


Pool Automation, Winter Park, FL


If you are frustrated with having to control each and every pool equipment separately and manually, pool automation is just the thing for you. Pool automation systems will bring all these operations to a single pool control panel. This pool control system can be of various types depending on what you prefer. Most systems allow you to control your spa operation and pool lights through a smartphone app!

You can have pool remote control systems or wired systems. You can have an Internet-connected or Wi-Fi pool controller. Your pool controller can also be a smart control hub on your smartphone if you get something sophisticated like the Zodiac Aqualink or Pentair automation or Jandy automation. 

Swimming pool automation provides you with the convenience of pool operation without the need for walking over to your pool equipment to turn on your spa for instance.

Pristine Pool Repair Winter Park  can set up your pool automation and provide you with the training needed to operate your pool seamlessly.

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Service Areas

The pool repair services of Pristine Pool Repair Winter Park are available in Winter Park, FL. We also services the areas of Altamonte Springs, Baldwin Park, and Maitland.

About Us

If you live in Winter Park, FL, you may have already heard about us. We are the leading experts in all kinds of swimming pool repair work that you may possibly need. You will be able to find swimming pool electrical repair as well as plumbing service with us, something that your general pool repair store for pool tile repair or pool leak repair cannot provide. 

We have been providing pool repair in Winter Park for years. Our extensive experience and constant drive to stay ahead of the curve ensures that no matter how dated or modern your pool system is, we will be able to fix it exactly as it requires. Pristine Pool Repair Winter Park is the go-to name for quality, reliability, and affordability in Winter Park, FL.

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