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Pool Repair, Winter Garden, FL

Pools are quite a common presence in the homes in Winter Garden, FL. This is because Florida is a tropical state that experiences high heat and humidity. As a counter to that, people get swimming pools constructed in their homes so that they can beat the heat any time they want. A good swimming pool will have several machines fitted to help maintain it. 

Now it is a well-known truth that the more machinery you have, the more maintenance is required. Thus, having a pool means you will need to do occasional pool equipment repair, above and beyond the usual pool tile repair and pool leak repair. 

Swimming pool repairs are not child’s play, they require the technician to have both swimming pool electrical repair and plumbing expertise. If you need such comprehensive pool repair services for your pool in Winter Garden, FL, Pristine Pool Repair Winter Garden is the right company to call.

Our Services

Pool Pump Repair

Pool pump repair services are not limited to a single job. There are so many types of pool pumps requiring different techniques.

Pool Heater Repair

Just like pool pumps, pool heaters also come in multiple types.

Pool Light Repair

Pool lights can be classified based on the type of installation they require and the technology they use.

Pool Equipment Installation

When you get a pool, there are various types of equipment that you must consider.

Salt Water Pool Systems

There was a time when people swore by chlorinated pools. In fact, even today, chlorine pools are the conventional choice

Pool Automation

More and more people are converting their houses into smart homes and the pool system is no different.

When it comes to pool repair, there is nothing we cannot do. You name the pool equipment repair you want; we get it done. When people need repairs for their essential pool systems, like pool pump repair, pool heater repair, or pool light repair, they get apprehensive about calling just about any pool repair service provider in Winter Garden, FL. However, most swimming pool electricians don’t even know the difference between the different categories and models of these machines. 

Imagine the horror if they messed up the repair and now your pool pump is not working. Your pool will get dirty and stinky. Or, if the heater or lighting gets messed up; you would not want to swim in cold water or in the dark, would you? 

You can avoid any such scenario with Pristine Pool Repair Winter Garden. We not only do pool equipment repair but also do pool equipment installation. If you are thinking about conversion to saltwater pool or getting pool automation, we have your back there too.

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Pool Pump Repair, Winter Garden, FL

Nowadays, pool pump repair has become inevitable due to many different types, models, and technologies in use. This has required pool pump repair service providers to expand their skill set not just for pool pump installation but also pool pump replacement, repair, and maintenance. Moreover, the exact kind of swimming pool pump repair services you need depends on many factors. 

Pristine Pool Repair Winter Garden assesses each of these factors before starting any repair work. We see if you have a variable speed pool pump or a single-speed or two-speed pump, as the pool pump motor repair for all of these are different. We also consider if you need swimming pool pump repair for a saltwater pool pump or a freshwater one. 

We understand that when you need Pentair or Hayward pool pump repair, you want us to be extra careful about the pool motor repair. So, worry not. We have a strong expertise for all kinds of pool pump motor replacement as well as pool pump motor repair services.


Pool Heater Repair, Winter Garden, FL


Pool heater repair is as varied as pool pump repair. There are many different types of heaters, each of which uses a different mechanism of operation and thus, demands different repair services. For example, you cannot use the same heater repair service technique for gas heater repair, which uses combustion mechanism, as for electric heater repair, which has complex parts and circuits. 

Moreover, the kind of swimming pool heater repair also depends on the brand of pool heater you have. Needless to say, the pool heater service that the repairman does for Hayward will be far more sophisticated than that for a local pool heater. Pristine Pool Repair Winter Garden does just that with full expertise and authority.

Pool Light Repair, Winter Garden, FL

Pool lighting is something everyone likes to play around with. Decorative pool lighting is as in demand in Winter Garden, FL as essential pool lighting. People often ask us at Pristine Pool Repair Winter Garden for pool light replacement to jazz up the pool area in their house. Nowadays, a lot of people have discovered the myriad advantages of LED lighting for their pools just like for their houses. 

As a result, the requests for LED pool light retrofit is overflowing in Winter Garden, FL. Everyone seems to want it now in different shapes, sizes, and settings. And different kinds of pool lights also mean that we have to stay up-to-date on the working and light repair service of all these types of pool lights. But above all we are always happy to serve people with their pool light repair needs.


Pool Equipment Installation, Winter Garden, FL


The one thing that we at Pristine Pool Repair Winter Garden try our best to convey people in Winter Garden, FL about is that the best way to reduce or avoid frequent pool equipment repair is by ensuring a proper pool equipment installation. When you try to save money on the pool equipment installation electrician and overlook quality, swimming pool electrical repair at frequent rates in the future becomes inevitable. 

When you get experts like us right at the beginning, you get to be hassle-free later on. We do installations of all kinds of pool equipment from pool pump installation to pool light installation. As LED pool light installation is in craze nowadays, so we also do high-quality installations for LED pool light retrofit swimming pools. Also, if you have been considering conversion to saltwater pools, you can consider checking out our premium pool saltwater conversion. No matter what your needs, you will not be disappointed with us.

Salt Water Pool Systems, Winter Garden, FL

Saltwater pools are a significant upgrade from the conventional freshwater chlorine pools. They are more comfortable in the way that they do not cause irritation or pungent smells, and are easier to maintain the chemical balance. They are also significantly cheaper in the long run, and are healthier too. As a result, many residents of Winter Garden, FL are considering conversion to saltwater pools. 

But pool saltwater conversion requires a pool pump replacement from the usual to the chlorine generator saltwater pool system. These pumps are a bit more complex than freshwater pool pumps and require guidance to get the hang of them. When you go with Pristine Pool Repair Winter Garden for your pool saltwater conversion, you get the installation done and comprehensive guidance provided in the same go without any extra consultation fees. That’s quite a bargain if you ask us.


Pool Automation, Winter Garden, FL


If you have been considering pool automation, don’t even think about choosing a run-of-the-mill pool automation systems installation service provider. They do not have the expertise to handle sophisticated swimming pool automation equipment, and certainly not the best pool automation system in the market like the Zodiac Aqualink or Pentair automation packages. 

But Pristine Pool Repair Winter Garden does. We can do both wired and wireless pool remote control systems. Whether you want to get a Wi-Fi pool controller or an Internet-controlled one like the Pentair pool controls, we do it all. We provide you with pool control systems that can utilize both an app-based pool control panel or a hardware pool controller. All systems will have the scalability to add equipment beyond the basic pool pump controller.

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Service Areas

Pristine Pool Repair Winter Garden provides its expert services not only in all of Winter Garden, FL but also in the neighboring areas of Dr. Phillips, Windermere, and Ocoee. If you live in any of these areas around Winter Garden, FL you can benefit from our pool equipment repair services to ensure the best treatment of your pool.

About Us

Pristine Pool Repair Winter Garden has been in the pool repair business long enough to have included in our credentials literally every kind of pool repair and installation service that the people of Winter Garden, FL may need. This means that you will get every pool repair service under one umbrella and will not have to run here and there. Our reputation stems from telling people what they truly need rather than recommending extra services just for money. 

Long years of experience ensure that we know the small things that make a lot of difference, like how inground pool repair is different from above-ground pool repair. Or the many different kinds of pool pumps, heaters, and lighting options that require different techniques to repair. For years, we have been the best name for pool repair in Winter Garden, and especially in Winter Garden, FL. No matter what kind of pool equipment repair you need, we are the best option here for that.

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