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Pool Repair, Oviedo, FL

If you ask us at Pristine Pool Repair Oviedo, pool repair is not something that you should ever cut corners with. We have seen some cases in Oviedo, FL about what happens when companies work on your pool with unqualified local swimming pool electricians for pool equipment repair costing you extra to undo the shoddy workmanship. 

Some get off easy despite having a bad swimming pool repair work by fixing it easily with a little extra effort. But the worst-case scenarios are definitely not pretty. Some have even had to spend hundreds of dollars on not only correcting the swimming pool electrical repair but also the resulting pool leak repair or pool tile repair induced during careless repairs.

Trust us when we say that you do not want to be in that position. That is why we will be the best option for you. We provide industry-standard pool repair service but without charging the exorbitant amounts that often discourages people from getting good quality pool repair done.

Our Services

Pool Pump Repair

Pool pump repair services are not limited to a single job. There are so many types of pool pumps requiring different techniques.

Pool Heater Repair

Just like pool pumps, pool heaters also come in multiple types.

Pool Light Repair

Pool lights can be classified based on the type of installation they require and the technology they use.

Pool Equipment Installation

When you get a pool, there are various types of equipment that you must consider.

Salt Water Pool Systems

There was a time when people swore by chlorinated pools. In fact, even today, chlorine pools are the conventional choice

Pool Automation

More and more people are converting their houses into smart homes and the pool system is no different.

When it comes to pool repair, no one can beat Pristine Pool Repair Oviedo in Oviedo, FL. We are the premier company for all types of pool repair services. No matter what the problem with your pool, we will fix it and make it as good as new. We are experts when it comes to any of the most basic swimming pool repair work like pool pump repair or pool heater repair. We also do pool light repair for any of the large variety of pool lights that people in Oviedo, FL have. 

If you are thinking about conversion to saltwater pool, we will be equally able to fulfill your needs.  We also do pool equipment installation of all kinds, from the basic pump to the advanced automatic actuators. We even do pool automation if someone is looking to give their pool area a modern, technological makeover. Whether you need inground pool repair or above-ground, we will get it done.

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Pool Pump Repair, Oviedo, FL

The most commonly demanded service in Oviedo, FL, as with any other place, is pool pump repair. No matter how basic your pool is, you can never make it without a pool pump, which means it has a ubiquitous presence in homes with pools. Now the pool pumps use single-speed and variable-speed mode to operate, which are more energy efficient, and since both of them runs on a completely different technology, it naturally calls for two different kinds of skills for pool pump motor repair

But you don’t have to worry about it because we offer both types of pool pump motor repair service. We will also get a pool pump motor replacement done if the need arises. Besides pool motor repair, we also do any other kind of swimming pool pump repair services that you may need. We work with both chlorine pool pumps and saltwater pool pumps. 

We provide the same quality of service, whether you need Hayward pool pump repair or some local brand swimming pool pump repair. 

In brief, whether you need pool pump installation, pool pump replacement, or pool pump repair service, Pristine Pool Repair Oviedo will get it done for you.


Pool Heater Repair, Oviedo, FL


Pool heater repair can become difficult to get in Oviedo, FL if a company works with only specific pool heater types that run on just gas or electric, or, if they only do the service for selected brands like Hayward and not local heater repair. You will then have to waste a lot of time looking for the right swimming pool heater repair company to help you out with the service you need – from repair to service.

If you do not want that, simply call Pristine Pool Repair Oviedo directly. We promise you that you will not be disappointed. We provide every kind of pool heater and its repair service you might need. Whether you need Hayward pool heater service or for a less-known brand, we will have no problem providing the repair services you need.  

Pool Light Repair, Oviedo, FL

Pool light repair may seem like an insignificant job but the truth is quite the opposite. Pool light repair service requires just as much expertise as any of the other pool equipment repair services here. We only use certified swimming pool electricians to troubleshoot your repair or new pool light fixture installations. That is why it is extremely important to maintain a high degree of caution when repairing pool lights. 

Pristine Pool Repair Oviedo is proud to say that our experts are all fully trained in safety protocols and know exactly what they are doing. No matter what kind of pool light you have, we can get it repaired in no time so you an enjoy a lighted pool at night. You can even call us if you want pool light replacements or LED pool light retrofit done for a brighter long-lasting lighting. We will deliver the best results for your benefit.


Pool Equipment Installation, Oviedo, FL


Pool equipment installation always needs to be done correctly for it to run efficiently and prolong its life. Even a small misfit can give rise to a lot of problems in the future. And in a place as hot as Oviedo, FL, you do not want to deal with malfunctioning pool equipment that can literally stop you from using the pool. 

But Pristine Pool Repair Oviedo ensures that your pool equipment gets a good start for a problem-free lifetime. As pool repair service providers for your area, we do pool pump installation, pool heater installation, as well as pool light installation. Moreover, if you have been considering conversion to saltwater pool or LED pool light retrofit swimming pool, we have good news for you. We are experts in both pool saltwater conversion and LED pool light installation. Now, every time you need pool equipment installation done, you do not need to run to the amateur electrician. Swimming pool electrical repair and installation of all kinds is found right with us.

Salt Water Pool Systems, Oviedo, FL

Saltwater pool systems are the latest revolution in residential pools. People are going for conversion to saltwater pools in Oviedo, FL for its ease of maintenance and skin benefits over a normally chlorinated pool.  Pristine Pool Repair Oviedo is well versed in pool saltwater conversions. Enjoy the benefits and get your own pool saltwater conversion done now! 

If you too have been struggling with skin problems or eye irritation or even breathing issues due to the chlorine in freshwater pools, saltwater pools are the right solution for you. Not only are they healthier for the pool users, but they also extend the lifetime of the pool equipment and require less hassle to maintain.


Pool Automation, Oviedo, FL


Pool automation is the next step forward for tech-savvy pool owners. Pool automation systems makes it possible to control all your pool equipment from a single pool control panel instead of multiple ones like separate pool pump controllers, valve controllers, light controllers, and so on. Swimming pool automation can be achieved in a lot of ways. 

For example, there are both wired pool controllers as well as pool remote control systems. You can also have Wi-Fi pool controllers like the Pentair pool controls or Internet-connected pool control systems that make use of smart control hubs like the Zodiac Aqualink among the best pool automation systems. Whether you need Pentair or Jandy automation or something less expensive, Pristine Pool Repair Oviedo will have no problem getting that done in Oviedo, FL.

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Pristine Pool Repair Oviedo provides its pool repair services in all of Oviedo, which obviously includes Oviedo, FL. If you stay here, you should have no problem opting for our services. But, even if you live in the neighboring areas of Oviedo, FL, then too you can benefit from our services easily, simply by getting in touch with us.

About Us

A good organization that does quality-guaranteed pool repair in Oviedo can be hard to find. One of the ways to know if you are choosing a good pool repair company is to confirm with references and other customers. You can also ask your neighbors or friends who they would recommend. We are pretty sure that these conversations would throw up the name of Pristine Pool Repair Oviedo quite a few times. 

We have quite the record for quality pool equipment repair in Oviedo, FL. We have all the characteristics that define a reliable pool repair service provider. If you are looking for the best grade of swimming pool repair, we do it. If you are looking for versatility so that you can access all types of pool repair services from one place, we have it. If you looking for quality at reasonable rates, we offer it. What more could you ask for?


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