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Saltwater Pool Systems, Orlando, FL

Saltwater pools are becoming very popular due to lower maintenance cost and benefits for eliminating skin irritation due to a normally chlorinated pool.  Many new pool constructions are now completed with salt water pool systems.  Due to the benefits, many people are opting for pool saltwater conversions for their existing pools. Saltwater pools solve the problems that chlorine pools have including skin irritation, maintenance, cost, and possible corrosion. Both saltwater pool systems and chlorinated pools use chlorine, but differ in the method in which the chlorine is produced. 

Saltwater pools are better than chlorine pools in a number of aspects. And as more and more people in Orlando, FL realize that, more of them are opting to convert their conventional chlorine pools to saltwater pools.

Working of Saltwater Pools vs Chlorine Pools

The working of saltwater pools is very different from chlorine pools. Chlorine pools require chlorine directly to maintain the level of chlorine in the water. This chlorine is added in the form of chlorine tablets. The tablets dissolve in the water to form a weak hydrochloric acid solution. This acid is quite unstable and breaks down quickly to release gaseous chlorine into the air. 

That is why you get the pungent smell of chlorine near chlorine pools. The chlorine tablets are added every week to maintain a level of chlorine sufficient to prevent bacteria and fungi. The required concentration of chlorine is 2 to 4 parts per million.

Saltwater pool systems, on the other hand, make use of machinery to maintain the chlorine level in the water. Salt has to be added to the water for this. The pool pump has a chlorine generator in it. This produces a small electrical current that electrolyzes the saltwater in the pool to hydronium and hydroxyl ions. The hydronium, or simply hydrogen ions then react with salt, which is chemically sodium chloride, to form sodium ions and hydrochloric acid. 

And this acid, as we already said, decomposes to provide chlorine gas molecules that disinfects the pool. When you are going for conversion to saltwater pool, we at Pristine Pool Repair Orlando recommend you choose a system with digital display and automatic salt and chlorine level detectors. This makes it easy to know when to add salt, when to change any settings and when to check the salt cell.

Maintaining the Pool Water Chlorine Levels

Since the chlorine keeps dissipating, its level must be maintained by the addition of the respective chemical, i.e., chlorine tablet or liquid in chlorine pools and salt or brine blocks for saltwater pool systems. In chlorine pools, since you are directly adding chlorine, you need to keep adding it to keep the level at 2 to 4 ppm. As a result, the chlorine tablets are made quite concentrated, otherwise, you would have to keep adding them every day. 

This means that the chlorine levels soar when you first add the tablets but dip quickly as the week passes. The initial high level can be very unpleasant for many. Also, the rapid dissipation of chlorine requires the use of chlorine stabilizers like cyanuric acid or it would be hard to retain the chlorine in the water, making the rise and fall of its concentration even more frequent.

Saltwater pool systems, on the other hand, need to maintain their salt level at an optimum value of 3200 ppm, give or take a couple hundred, with 2700 ppm being the lowest value. For this, an upfront addition of 25 pounds of salt is necessary per 1000 gallons of water to bring the salt level up. You will find this at all pool stores in Orlando, FL. 

Once done, you don’t have to worry about it unless the water is lost due to spillage, dilution, filter backwashing, or any other reason. You will have to get test kits to check the salt level or take the water to a pool store.  Pristine Pool Repair Orlando tests chlorine levels (along with pH and Alkalinity) during our weekly pool service for your saltwater pool system or standard chlorinated pool. There are various charts you will find on the Internet or from our Pristine Pool Repair Orlando offices that will tell you how much salt to add by water volume and reduced salt level.

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Effects of Saltwater Pool Systems

Now if we are to go deep, both salt and chlorine can be corrosive to metal. But the thing is, salt is corrosive only if its level regularly reaches drastic levels of 6000 ppm. If you are careful, there are hardly any chances for that. In contrast, when maintaining a chlorine pool, the chlorine level frequently rises to levels that can increase the acid level high enough to cause significant corrosion to pipes and equipment parts. 

As a result, pool repair becomes necessary more frequently. Moreover, high chlorine content can also cause calcium salt buildup if the water is hard, a problem seen quite frequently in Orlando, FL. Thus technically, saltwater pool systems have lesser ill-effects than chlorine pools.

Why Saltwater Pool Systems are Better?

In the opinion of our experts here at Pristine Pool Repair Orlando, there are many reasons to choose pool saltwater conversion. The obvious reason would be the less hassle of maintaining a saltwater pool. Also, the overwhelming chlorine odor problem is solved. There are less harmful effects to the skin, eyes, and hair due to lower chlorine concentration. 

Moreover, even though the upfront cost of conversion to a saltwater pool is a bit high than a chlorine pool, the expenses are far lower in the long run. Nevertheless, chemical corrosion is far lower, thus avoiding frequent pool repair work. It is the best choice in Orlando, FL.

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The advantage of going with Pristine Pool Repair Orlando is that you do not have to worry about any of the usual matters that most people opting for pool saltwater conversion harbor anxiety about. We take care of all of that and even provide you with detailed guidelines on how to properly maintain and care for your saltwater pool system. We can assure you that when you go for conversion to saltwater pool, there cannot be a better choice in Orlando, FL than us.

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