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Pool Pump Repair, Orlando, FL

Pool pumps are undoubtedly the most important and indispensable part of pool equipment. They are necessary to keep the water in the pool clean, filtered, and unpolluted. A pool pump that does not work as it is supposed to will completely change the chemical composition of your pool water and quickly lead to algae growth.

The pool pump consists of the pumping machine or motor, the filter, and the control. Any malfunctioning in any of the parts will require immediate pool equipment repair. But you don’t need to panic, for any kind of pool repair services, Pristine Pool Repair Orlando is the best pool repair service company to call in Orlando, FL. 

Types of Pool Pumps Based on Speed Setting

There are mainly three types of pool pumps usually available in the market. Single-speed pool pumps are the oldest type and are usually found in older pools. They run on an induction motor and have only a one-speed setting. They may be the cheapest to buy but are the noisiest and most electrically inefficient. 

In fact, two-speed pumps are an improvement over single-speed ones in that they also have a second, low-speed setting for most times and the usual high-speed setting for pool vacuuming, heat distribution, or leaf removal. These save over 50% more electricity than single-speed ones. But they too run on an induction motor and is not the most modern in terms of technology. 

Variable speed pool pumps are the most modern and efficient as you can set its speed to exactly what you want. They save up to 90% more electricity and are bought by most people. Their technology differs from the other two as it uses a permanent magnet motor. 

Therefore, the mechanism of the pool pump motor repair is also different from the pool motor repair technique required in the other two. No matter what pump motor you have, you do not need to worry. Pristine Pool Repair Orlando provides all kinds of pool pump motor repair services and pool pump replacement under the same roof in Orlando, FL. 

In-ground and Above-Ground Pool Pumps

Some people choose to have in-ground pool pumps, in which the pool pump is located in a receptacle in the ground. Others go for above-ground pool pumps, which are fitted above the ground level. The difference between the two is that since in-ground pool pumps are at the same level as the bottom of the pool or lower, it utilizes the force of gravity to take the water through the filter. 

Little to no extra power is required to be expended. But above-ground pool pumps are situated above the level of water in the pool or at least, at the same height. Therefore, to drive the water through the pool pump motor, sufficient suction power is needed. 

Thus, the pool pump replacement or pool pump repair service in the two cases are distinct. Your swimming pool pump repair service providers cannot just apply the same method to repair both or swap one for the other during pool pump motor replacement. If they do, it will put a strain on the motors and cause them to break down. 

But you won’t be able to distinguish between the two if you do not have a technical background. But with Pristine Pool Repair Orlando, you do not have to be bothered. We always use the exact parts and replacements as required for the residents of Orlando, FL.

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Difference Between Saltwater Pool Pumps and Freshwater Pool Pumps

Freshwater pool pumps are simple pump and filter systems. The water in freshwater pools is sanitized by adding chlorine pellets to the water. This causes a higher chlorine concentration that often turns out to be irritative to skin and eyes. Asthma patients can also have problems due to the pungent smell. It is hard to monitor the exact chlorine concentration here as it depends on the judgment of the person adding the pellets. 

Saltwater pool pumps, on the other hand always have a chlorine generator that uses an electric charge to electrolytically break down water into its ions. The hydrogen ion reacts with the added salt or sodium chloride to form hypochlorous acid. This compound is unstable and breaks down to give chlorine. However, the amount of this is much lower. So, the pH also gets low making the water fit for the users. 

A lot of people in Orlando are opting for pool pump replacement with Pristine Pool Repair Orlando to convert to saltwater pools.

Which type of Pool Pump is the best?

There are many brands of pool pumps.  Pentair and Jandy are popular well-known brands and provide a good warranty.  It you are upgrading your pool pump, we recommend going with a variable speed pool pump.  This type of pump provides significant power savings with a short cost break-even point.

If we are talking strictly quality-wise, then yes, branded pumps do fare better in the long run. They use better raw materials and are manufactured using the latest industry-standard techniques in modern facilities. A Pentair or Hayward pool pump repair will obviously serve for longer periods. 

All you have to do is maintain them well, get regular servicing done, and not delay required pool pump repairs. Above all, you should make sure to get the pool pump installation done from a reputed company like Pristine Pool Repair Orlando.

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Pristine Pool Repair Orlando prides itself in bringing you quality affordable swimming pool repair in Orlando, FL. Our staff has years of experience in the pool industry. Our experts are highly trained and are constantly updating themselves on current techniques, tools, and materials.  If you want to get a reliable swimming pool pump repair services, look no further than us.

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