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Pool Light Repair, Orlando, FL

Pool lights are essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides safety if you are swimming or lounging at night, and secondly, lighting can really add beautiful ambience to evenings by your poolside. With the LED lighting effects available nowadays with pre-programmed light shows you can set your lights according to your mood.  From party lighting to relaxing mood lighting, LED pool lights can really make your pool the center of attention.  

Pool lights both perform a safety function and also a decorative function by providing extra accent lighting. So, if you are looking for the most professional service provider to get your pool lights done in Orlando, FL, Pristine Pool Repair Orlando is the one for you.

Types of Pool Lights

This categorization is based on the technology used to manufacture the pool lights. There are four types, which are explained below:

Incandescent Bulbs

These used to be in use years back when they were the most popular form of lighting and no one bothered too much about pool lighting. While they are still in use in some places, they have mostly been replaced by the more modern alternatives in Orlando, FL. This is mainly because they cannot provide sufficient lighting but still consume a lot of power. However, we still provide pool light repair service for incandescent bulb pool lighting if you need it. 

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs long ruled the industry of pool lights. Even though they are slowly being phased out of residential pools nowadays, they are still actively in use in community pools and also for affordable lighting in many Orlando, FL home pools. Their high-intensity light at low power consumption and long life is seen as a win-win for most. They are the most popular replacement option across all sectors even today, especially for Pristine Pool Repair Orlando customers.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

CFL light bulbs are becoming just as popular for pool lighting needs as for home lighting requirements. The main reason is that they are four to five times more efficient in power consumption than incandescent bulbs while providing more light intensity. They also last much longer, sometimes even ten times so. 

However, CFL lamps are not very effective at illuminating large areas and tend to concentrate the lighting in a localized region. Also, constant turning on and off may make them vulnerable to failure. But, if that happens, Pristine Pool Repair Orlando would always be at hand to provide light repair service to you.

LED Lighting

LEDs are the standard in new pool installation now in Orlando, FL and many clients opt for a LED pool light retrofit when resurfacing their pool or when their current incandescent light fixture fails from age. They are four times as efficient while being forty times more long-lasting. Not only that but they are also more eco-friendly and can provide a large range of colors or deep intensity.  LED light fixtures integrate with many automation systems and allow you to control the lighting through various wi-fi interfaces.   Pristine Pool Repair Orlando offers LED pool light repair service as well.

Types of Pool Light Installation

Pool lights can also be classified based on how they are meant to be installed. This too has four types as discussed below:

Flush-Mounted Pool Lights

From the name itself, flush-mounted pool lights are so installed that their top surface remains flush with the surface of the pool wall or floor, wherever it is installed. This means that when installing flush-mounted pool lights, receptacles must be created in the pool wall or floor to hold the lights. 

Thus, they are best installed in a planned manner right when you are constructing the pool. That is why, when you are building a pool in Orlando, FL, Pristine Pool Repair Orlando advises you about lighting options right in the beginning, in case you want this option. But even if you have it installed now, and is looking forward for its repair, we have your back.

Surface-Mounted Pool Lights

Surface-mounted pool lights can be considered the opposite of flush-mounted ones, in that they can be installed directly on the surface of the pool wall or floor without needing much prep of the surface. The primary job that you need to get done is the ‘wiring’. This makes these lights perfect if you need to retrofit pool lights, making them a great option if you are doing your pool equipment installation later or for replacements.

Underwater Pool Lights

Underwater pool lights score because of their portability. In most cases, they can be set up when you need them and then removed. Many even come with convenient suction cups. They come in waterproof casings and are usually operated by remote control. 

Most underwater pool lights come with color options, making them great for decorative and feature lighting. They are most popularly used among Orlando, FL residents as extra lighting during parties and occasions over and above their usual pool lights. 

Floating Pool Lights

These are the opposite of underwater pool lights. Instead of being placed at the bottom of the pool, they float on the water. They too come in a variety of color options and are great for party accent lighting. 

A lot of times, these are solar-powered, because they remain above water and can receive continuous unhindered sunlight. But because people often tend to keep them lying, they are exposed to the environment, and can get damaged, thus requiring pool light repair from experts like us.

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What Type of Pool Light Should You Choose?

Choosing your pool light depends on a number of factors. A closed-roof or small pool can be lighted by CFLs but open pools in large areas benefit more from halogen or LED lights due to the durability and energy efficiency of these lights. At the same time, flush-mounted pool lights are the most chosen first option when installing a pool in Orlando, FL. 

Also, for everyday pool lighting, flush-mounted halogens, CFLs, and even LEDs are popular while as a replacement, most are going for a LED pool light retrofit due to the convenience.

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