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Pool Heater Repair, Orlando, FL

Pool heaters are a very important part of pool equipment in Orlando, FL. Whether they are electric pool heaters or gas pool heaters, they are needed to enjoy your spa!

If you own a pool heater, you will inevitably at some point in time also need a reliable pool heater repair service. 

We service all of Orlando, FL and surrounding areas for swimming pool heater repair. All you need is to simply contact us, and we will provide a free evaluation of your pool heater operation. 

Let’s now discuss some of the popular types of pool heaters.

Electric Resistance Heaters for Small Pools

Electric resistance heaters use electric resistors, which are wires with high resistance. This produces high heat when current is passed through it, and this heat is then transferred to the water that passes over the resistor to heat it up. 

The principle of convection is utilized to heat up the entire water in the pool. This type of swimming pool heater is not very efficient. The high heat burns up the coils and you need to regularly call for pool heater repair for the same. Also, they burn a large amount of electricity.

You might be wondering why they are then used at all. This is because these heaters are usually small in size and can heat up a spa pretty fast. 

Moreover, due to their small size, electric resistance heaters are portable too. This makes it a better option for portable pools too. Even though people hardly use these anymore, Pristine Pool Repair Orlando still provides pool heater repair service for electric resistance pool heaters in Orlando, FL.

Gas Pool Heaters for Fast Heating

This is the age where everyone is looking for instant gratification. It is no different for pool heaters either. Gas pool heaters are popular for this very reason. They provide rapid pool spa water heating and come in different levels of BTU power. Gas pool pumps work by burning most usually either natural gas or propane. Depending on how fast you want to heat the spa, we will advise you on the best gas spa pool heater for your needs.

The pool water is passed through copper pipes that come in contact with the combusting gas. The heat from the burning gas then heats the water up. Because burning gas can produce a large amount of heat in a short time, gas pool heaters work very fast.

Gas pool spa heaters are highly convenient. That is why there are various emission-regulated models of gas pool heaters available in Orlando, FL. No matter what kind of model you have, Pristine Pool Repair Orlando will do gas pool heater repair for you. 

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Why Solar Pool Heaters are Ultimately the Cheapest?

Solar heaters, which have collectors mounted on the roof of homes, are popular in Orlando, FL. Many homes have solar pool heaters installed. People are recognize the environment-friendliness and efficiency of solar pool heaters in reducing your gas or electricity bill over the typical pool heaters.  Solar heaters extend the use of the pool in Central Florida from 4-5 months to up to 6-7 months.

Also, solar pool heaters, in the long run turn out to be the most pocket-friendly. This is because there are no monthly electricity costs to burden you. The only things you ever need to take care of are pool heater service and pool heater repair when needed. 

What Makes Heat Pumps the Most Popular Pool Heater Choice?

Electric heat pumps are a popular choice also for the residents of Orlando, FL. This is because they strike a perfect balance between the advantages of the other three types of pool heaters. 

The heat pumps extract heat from a heat source to heat up the pool water. Depending on what the source is, heat pumps can be of two types – air-source and water-source heat pumps. However, they too require expert services in case of any repair or damage. Pristine Pool Repair Orlando provides electric pool heater repair services for both types of heat pumps, so you do not have to worry about who to call.

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When you choose Pristine Pool Repair Orlando, you are making a conscious decision to choose quality. But that does not mean you have to compromise with your budget. If you need pool heater repair service, we come through with affordable rates with zero compromises in quality or expertise. We maintain the utmost transparency in all our work so you get the best deal from us.

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