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Pool Equipment Installation, Orlando, FL

Everyone knows that how well your pool equipment will perform depends on the quality of the equipment you buy. However, there is more to it than just that. Pool equipment installation also plays a major role in deciding how powerful and smooth the operation of the pool equipment will be, how long they will last, how often you will need to get repairs done, and so on. 

A bad installation can cost you hundreds of dollars to fix the issue. It is a hassle you do not want to take on. The best thing you can do is get your pool equipment installation done from a place that knows how to do it right and backs it up with a workmanship guarantee. And in Orlando, FL, that is Pristine Pool Repair Orlando.

Need a Pool Pump Installed?

Pool pumps are not solitary machines. The entire pool pump system consists of the motor that drives the pump, the pool filter through which the water is passed for sanitization, and the control system to turn the system on and off, change the setting, and for any other operations. A proper pool pump installation requires each of these three sections to be installed perfectly. Otherwise, the system will start malfunctioning and end up requiring frequent pool pump repair due to extra stress on the pump. 

A malfunctioning pool pump can quickly affect the chemical composition of the water and make it unsuitable for your health. This ultimately makes the pool unusable. Pristine Pool Repair Orlando are well versed in pool pump installations.

How Correct Pool Heater Installation Saves Money?

Different types of pool heaters exist that cater to different needs. Each is suitable for a particular kind of usage. For example, electric resistance heaters are best for small pools while heat pumps are best suited for large pools. Gas pool heaters heat up the water fast and solar pool heaters have no monthly electric consumption expenses. 

Now if you have a small pool, getting a pool heater installation done other than a resistance heater would be a wastage of money. But if you have a large pool, this same heater will have to take too much stress heating the water and incur high power consumption costs. Similarly, gas pool heaters are best for spas where quick heating is needed. For a pool that allows prep time, it is a wastage. 

Pristine Pool Repair Orlando assesses your needs and tells you exactly what you should get to save a significant amount of money.

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Why Extra Safety is Needed for Pool Light Installation?

As a resident of Orlando, FL, you may have heard how faulty pool light installations often result in accidents.. This is not something anybody would ever want to face. With a craze these days for LED pool light installation to replace old lighting systems, a lot of people in Orlando, FL are redoing their pool lighting systems. 

There is a large demand for LED pool light retrofit swimming pools. You want to make sure you choose a company that uses the proper electricians to properly wire your LED light fixture. That is why you will not regret choosing Pristine Pool Repair Orlando for your lighting needs. As reputed, quality-driven service providers for swimming pool electrical repair, every installation is taken very seriously here. We never jeopardize the safety of our customers when it comes to electrical work.

Conversion to Saltwater Pools

The other craze among the people of Orlando is pool saltwater conversion. This is because people are finally realizing how much more pleasant and comfortable saltwater pools are over chlorine pools.  The chemical balance is easier mainted so there will be little to no irritation to the skin and eyes while swimming. The chlorine concentration is more stable so there will be no unpleasant smell from it as well. 

Conversion to saltwater pools requires pool pump to incorporate a chlorine generator that uses an electric charge to produce chlorine gas from the chlorine ions. Pristine Pool Repair Orlando are experts in pool saltwater conversions

Pool Automation Systems Installation

Pool automation systems are yet to become as common as Pristine Pool Repair Orlando projects they will be in the near future. A pool automation upgrade will allow you to control every aspect of the pool equipment from one terminal. This means that your pool pump, pool heater, pool lights, pool fountain, pool bubbler, and any other number of machineries will be automated and controlled from one just panel, which is the pool control panel and also controlled via a smartphone with an intuitive wifi interface. 

This pool controller could be wired or remote, Wi-Fi-controlled, or controllable using smart apps. Needless to say, such an elaborate system requires high-level expertise to get it done. Any mistake could take a lot of money and hassle to get repaired. That is why, in Orlando, FL, if you want to get swimming pool automation, Pristine Pool Repair Orlando is your best bet.  We will provide the training you need to get the best out of your pool automation system.

Why Choose Us?

Getting pool equipment installation done from expert technicians who have in-depth electrical and technical knowledge and years of experience is of the utmost importance. This is because, as we already stated, a lot of how the equipment will work in the future depends on how well it has been installed. If they are installed badly, then it greatly reduces the efficiency and lifetime of the equipment.

At no point should you have to be stressed or spend money on repairs that could have been avoided. Pristine Pool Repair Orlando guarantees exactly that.

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