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Nowadays, everything is automated. Your AC, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, security systems, even cars, and surgeries are automated these days. The surge in the age of IoT (Internet of Things) has resulted in more and more appliances adopting automation, allowing them to be controlled at the press of a button. The convenience this allows for your pool is unsurpassed allowing you to control your spa operation and temperature from an app on your phone in addition to many other things.

Pool automation has become a necessity for many of our clients for the convenience it provides.  You no longer have to go to the side of the house to turn on your spa!   A good pool control system allows you to control everything from your pool pump to your lighting preferences. Pristine Pool Repair Orlando has seen a significant increase for our pool automation installations.  We offer the top brands in pool automation including Jandy and Pentair.

What Pool Equipment Can You Automate?

There is literally no limitation to the number of pool equipment that you can automate using pool automation systems. If there is any equipment that moves and works at your pool, you can bring it under the control of pool automation. All swimming pool automation systems will have the basic functionality of being able to control the pool pump, the pool filter, the pool heater, spa operation, and pool lights. 

Most systems will also have relays to attach additional systems like pool lights, saltwater pool systems, chemical dispensers, pool cleaners and sanitizers, and more. You can independently control functions such as turning on your solar water pool heater. Many will also have pool pump controllers for variable speed pool pump speed settings. The best pool automation systems will even provide the features to control the adjoining sound systems, water bubblers and movers, valve systems, fountains, water leakage sensors, security systems, and much more.

You have the option to go for out-of-the-box solutions that Pristine Pool Repair Orlando provide, or you can use smart hubs to build your own system. In either case, you must make sure right from the beginning that the option you are choosing is scalable and flexible. This will allow you to add more equipment to it in the future if you do decide to do a new pool equipment installation.

How is Pool Automation Achieved?

We already talked about how you have the option to choose either a readymade solution or a go for a DIY assembly. But the latter option requires you to have a certain level of expertise around both hardware and software technology. If you do not have that, you can always go for premium systems that we provide. 

We provide all of the automation ports and controls you need. You will have to download an app on your smartphone to control these settings. You will also get a pool control panel as an additional platform for control. 

What you do need to ensure is that you have a strong Internet connection near the pool. This is because most systems connect to your phone via the Internet. A minimum speed of 3 Mbps is necessary for smooth controlling. You may also have the option of wired Ethernet controls if you prefer. Either way, having the pool controller will save you if the Internet connection is not strong. Of course, there are some older wired systems too that you can choose instead of the Wi-Fi pool controller. At Pristine Pool Repair Orlando, we give all options so that the people of Orlando, FL has full freedom to choose what they want.

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What are the Benefits of Pool Automation and Why You Should Get it?

Many people of Orlando, FL are getting pool automation for the same reason you may get the Amazon Echo or will buy a self-driving car one day, and that’s: automation. If you are tech-savvy and like automating your house with smart devices, pool automation is just what you need. 

Now while some wired pool controllers do exist, they do not really provide the level of liberty that you expect from something that is automated. Internet-connected or Wi-Fi-controlled pool remote control systems make far more sense and provide much more control over the pool equipment from anywhere at any time using your smartphone. If you are going for one of the more premium options like Zodiac Aqualink or Pentair or Jandy pool controls, you will be surprised at the level of customizability it will give you over the pool features.

Moreover, if your pool is loaded with features and equipment and you are having trouble remembering all the switches, levers, and controls, an automated pool control system could be a blessing. Also, if you travel a lot, you might not be able to be present and manually clear out your pool, keep the chemical levels constant, check up on the pool systems, run washes and cleanings, etc. yourself. 

In that case, Pristine Pool Repair Orlando recommends having your pool systems automated to save you a great deal of hassle. In both cases, it will also save you a lot of money by running the required equipment only when necessary and not facing the usual pool troubles like algae.

How Much Does Pool Automation Cost?

The exact cost of pool automation depends on several factors. These include the size, shape, type, and general complexity of the pool, the brand, the model of the pool automation system you are choosing to install, the control hub you are going for, as well as if you have a spa or similar attached water system. 

You might also have some minor costs involved with upgrading your Wi-Fi router for increased speed for seamless operation. We can help evaluate if your existing systems integrate with the automation system. Depending on several such factors, we can help you decide on a pool automation system that you need to best serve you in sunny Orlando! 

Why Choose Us?

With Pristine Pool Repair Orlando, you will get services in a wide range of options in terms of both sophistication and cost when it comes to pool automation. Our technicians are highly skilled and can handle a Hayward or Pentair automation system just as well as a lesser-known brand. If you want high-quality installation and long life at affordable costs, we should be your first choice in Orlando, FL.

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