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Pool Repair, Lake Mary, FL

Swimming pools are quite a common sight in the homes of the Lake Mary, FL area. In fact, the homes that do not have swimming pools are an exception. Because of the widespread presence of pools here, pool repair is also a commonly required service in the area. After all, if the pools have equipment, they are bound to go out of order sometimes, requiring pool equipment repair. And if you are looking for a reputed company in Lake Mary, FL to book pool repair service from, you have landed on the right page. 

Pristine Pool Repair Lake Mary is that one company that does all kinds of swimming pool repair that you would need. We have been providing top-class services of pool repair in Lake Mary for a long time. Our lucrative combination of reliability and affordability has made us quite popular here too. So, whether you need above-ground or inground pool repair, we are the right people for you. 

Our Services

Pool Pump Repair

Pool pump repair services are not limited to a single job. There are so many types of pool pumps requiring different techniques.

Pool Heater Repair

Just like pool pumps, pool heaters also come in multiple types.

Pool Light Repair

Pool lights can be classified based on the type of installation they require and the technology they use.

Pool Equipment Installation

When you get a pool, there are various types of equipment that you must consider.

Salt Water Pool Systems

There was a time when people swore by chlorinated pools. In fact, even today, chlorine pools are the conventional choice

Pool Automation

More and more people are converting their houses into smart homes and the pool system is no different.

Needless to say, when it comes to talking about what pool repair services we offer, the list is quite long. You don’t even need to ask if we do pool pump repair: that’s pretty much taken at this point. No matter what kind of pool pump you have, we will know how to fix it or replace it. We also do pool heater repair and pool light repair. Even when you have fairly modern systems, our technicians are up-to-date with training to know how to repair them. 

Besides pool equipment repair of various pool machinery and valves, we also do pool equipment installation. If you want to convert your regular freshwater pool to salt water pool systems, you can come to us to get pool salt water conversion done. 

Thinking about moving on from the same old pool control system to the newest state-of-the-art pool automation system? We have got your back there too. No matter what pool repair needs come up in Lake Mary, FL, Pristine Pool Repair Lake Mary would be there to take care of it.

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Pool Pump Repair, Lake Mary, FL

Pool pump repair is the basic pool repair service every company in this field in Lake Mary, FL provides. But what they lack and Pristine Pool Repair Lake Mary does not is quality, range, and versatility. Our roster of swimming pool pump repair services is exhaustive and will cover the needs of everyone, while these other companies probably specialize in just one or a few things related to swimming pool pump repair. 

We know how to do the pool motor repair of a variable speed pool pump just as well as we know how to do pool pump motor repair of a single-speed pool pump or a two-speed pool pump. If you need pool pump motor replacement or repair of a saltwater pool pump, we can do that too. 

We can easily do a Hayward pool pump repair as easily as the pool pump motor repair service of a local brand. Whether you need pool pump installation, pool pump replacement, or pool pump repair service, we are ever ready to serve you.


Pool Heater Repair, Lake Mary, FL


Swimming pool heater repair requires a high level of knowledge and technical expertise because of the wide variety of technologies and mechanisms that pool heaters employ. If a company tries to use the techniques of gas pool heater repair in electric pool heater repair, it can forget about keeping their pool heater repair business. Or if they are going to treat a Hayward pool heater repair in the same way as a local pool heater repair, no one will hire them for pool heater services ever again. 

But Pristine Pool Repair Lake Mary does not have these problems. When it comes to swimming pool heater repair service, we know what we are doing. We know all the differences in the different kinds of pool heater repair services usually needed in Lake Mary, FL and work accordingly. You can totally trust us as much for your Hayward pool heater repair service as for your other pool heater repair service needs.

Pool Light Repair, Lake Mary, FL

Pool light repair can be tricky simply because of the wide range of pool lights you will find in the Lake Mary, FL market. Whenever someone provides light repair service, they must take the categories and differences into account, especially the varying electrical specification for voltage and circuit needs. After all, a LED pool light retrofit is not going to work the same way as a flush-mounted CFL, and both of these are very different from how floating lights work. The pool light repair services of Pristine Pool Repair Lake Mary are impeccable. Our certified electricians and technicians are well trained in pool light repair and installation. 


Pool Equipment Installation, Lake Mary, FL


Pool equipment repair and pool equipment installation go hand in hand. We specialize in comple pool equipment installations for new pools or upgrading your current equipment.  This includes pool pumps, heaters, filter systems, and plumbing and valves to make it all work.  We can also automate all of it by installing a wi-fi enabled pool control system. We have certified pool electricians on staff to address any installations that require swimming pool electrical repair or installation in Lake Mary, FL.

We do pool equipment installation with as much authority as repairs. Whether you need pool pump installation, pool heater installation, or pool light installation, we can get it done easily and smoothly. Even something like an LED pool light retrofit swimming pool is an easy feat for us. Besides LED pool light installation, we also do pool saltwater conversion. So, if you want a conversion to saltwater pool in Lake Mary, FL, we are here for you.

Salt Water Pool Systems, Lake Mary, FL

Saltwater pool systems have gained quite some popularity in the last few years. After all, they do everything right in the area chlorine pools fail. When you go for conversion to saltwater pool, you say goodbye to irritated skin and eyes due to chlorine, the pungent smell, corrosion of the metallic parts of pool equipment, and easy weekly pool maintenance. Who doesn’t want that? That is why Pristine Pool Repair Lake Mary provides the best-grade pool saltwater conversion in Lake Mary, FL. So, if you have been considering converting to a saltwater pool system for some time, now is the best time.


Pool Automation, Lake Mary, FL


You will thank Pristine Pool Repair Lake Mary for bringing pool automation systems to your home. If you do not know what pool automation is, it is a system in which the pool pump controller, the heater controller, the lighting controller, and every other pool control system is brought under one interface in the form of a pool control panel which is wi-fi enabled for easy control via your smartphone. 

Now, you can have either a wired pool controller or pool remote control systems. Some of the best pool automation systems are through Jandy, Pentair automation and Zodiac Aqualink. Most usually, Pentair pool controls are Wi-Fi pool controllers while the Zodiac system is controlled using your smartphone. No matter how sophisticated you choose your swimming pool automation to be, we will be able to get it done.

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Service Areas

Pristine Pool Repair Lake Mary provides its pool repair services to the residents of Lake Mary, FL. If you live here or in the neighboring areas, you will be able to hire us for pool repair easily. That means even if you are a resident of Longwood, FL, Heathrow, FL, or Sanford, FL, you are in our service area for pool repair services.

About Us

If you ask around Lake Mary, FL, you will be surprised at how many people have good things to say about us. What works for us is that while there are a lot of pool stores around here that can help you with pool leak repair or pool tile repair, there are not too many swimming pool electricians who have the expertise required to do a wide range of swimming pool electrical repair work while ensuring full quality and a just price. 

At Pristine Pool Repair Lake Mary our dedication to quality and the transparency that we always maintain with our customers have made us favorites in the pool equipment repair sector. But it does not end there. The fact that you get every kind of pool repair under the sky right here in one place is so convenient that we have become the one-stop solution for pool repair in Lake Mary, FL.

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Getting in touch with Pristine Pool Repair Lake Mary is quite easy. If you live in Lake Mary, FL and need to get pool repair done, call us on the number given on this page and our people will discuss our pool repair services with you. 

You can also fill the web form on this page and submit it to get a call back from us. We will give you a free, no-obligation quote and evaluation for whatever pool repair or pool equipment installation you want!

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