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Pool Repair, Apopka, FL

We at Pristine Pool Repair Apopka often see people neglect the needs for pool repair until it is too late. The repercussions of that are anything but pretty. The same goes for when you try to get just about any swimming pool electrician to do the pool equipment repair. There remains a high chance that they will mess up the swimming pool repair, resulting in a huge headache later on.
That’s just not something you should have to deal with, especially when we provide our services in Apopka, FL. You may go to the local pool store for your pool leak repair or pool tile repair. But if you want the best swimming pool electrical repair done, look no further than us. We are known well for our pool repair in Apopka, and now you too can have our pool repair services in Apopka.

Our Services

Pool Pump Repair

Pool pump repair services are not limited to a single job. There are so many types of pool pumps requiring different techniques.

Pool Heater Repair

Just like pool pumps, pool heaters also come in multiple types.

Pool Light Repair

Pool lights can be classified based on the type of installation they require and the technology they use.

Pool Equipment Installation

When you get a pool, there are various types of equipment that you must consider.

Salt Water Pool Systems

There was a time when people swore by chlorinated pools. In fact, even today, chlorine pools are the conventional choice

Pool Automation

More and more people are converting their houses into smart homes and the pool system is no different.

As we already mentioned, there is not a single kind of pool repair service that we cannot accomplish. While that pretty much answers the question, you might still have doubts. So, let us iterate exactly what services we provide in Apopka, FL so you can find the one you need easily. 

To start off, we obviously provide all kinds of pool pump repair. We also provide pool heater repair and pool light repair. If you have been thinking about getting a saltwater pool system fitted, we are the right place to come to. We also look after all your pool equipment installation needs from the easiest to the most complex. In the same vein, if you want pool automation but are not sure of going to a local pool repair company because you fear they won’t know the right way to do it, you don’t have to. Pristine Pool Repair Apopka does that too and with utmost attention to detail.

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Pool Pump Repair, Apopka, FL

There are so many different types of pool pumps and an equal number of ways that amateur pool repair companies can mess up the pool pump repair. In just pool pump motor repair, you have variable speed pool pumps on one side and single-speed and two-speed pool pump on the other. But that is not all, because depending on whether you have a freshwater pool or a saltwater pool, you will have either a usual pool pump or a special saltwater pool pump with a chlorine generator. When considering pool pump motor replacement or pool pump motor repair service, you have to make sure the company knows the differences. And Pristine Pool Repair Apopka does! 

When we do pool pump installation, pool motor repair, or pool pump replacement, we take full care to use exactly the required technique for the swimming pool pump repair. We also do pool pump repair service for more advanced pool pumps like Hayward pool pump repair. No matter what kind of swimming pool pump repair services you need in Apopka, FL, we will surely be able to provide it.


Pool Heater Repair, Apopka, FL


If you thought pool pumps were not complicated, think again. Although their mechanisms could still be clubbed under an umbrella, but pool heaters are so varied that pool heater repair of each type is very widely distinct too. Thankfully for you, Pristine Pool Repair Apopka exactly knows how to handle gas pool heater repair as well as electric pool heater repair. We provide every kind of swimming pool heater repair service that you might need in Apopka, FL. 

Our pool heater repair service ranges from local pool heater repair to international ones like Pentair or Hayward pool heater repair. But don’t worry. Our Hayward pool heater repair service does not cost infinitely more than the swimming pool heater repair service of less-known brands. Whatever brand of pool heater you have and whatever type they are, Pristine Pool Repair Apopka should have no problem providing pool heater service for you that too within your budget.

Pool Light Repair, Apopka, FL

Have you been considering upgrading from your current pool lighting? Do your pool lights not serve their purpose well anymore and has a pool light repair service become necessary? Or, are you looking to get an LED pool light retrofit? 

Then you are in the right place. Pristine Pool Repair Apopka knows how to do pool light repair like the back of their hand. By the time most other light repair service providers in Apopka, FL would be fumbling trying to figure out what kind of pool light you have or how they are installed, we would have already finished the pool light repair work and tested the systems to show you that it is working perfectly. We are that good and that confident in the expertise of our repairers. 

In fact, we can even help and guide you on what kind of pool lighting will work best for your pool area and what will be the most cost-effective solutions for you.


Pool Equipment Installation, Apopka, FL


Not a lot of pool electric work companies are very confident about pool equipment installation. This is because it is easier to do pool equipment repair or installation on a system that is already in place. But getting into new systems and doing it right is more difficult. But then, nothing is too difficult for Pristine Pool Repair Apopka. We will do it all with ease, whether it be a pool pump installation or a pool light installation. 

For our expert electrician, swimming pool electrical repair and equipment installation both are as easy as pie. We can do your LED pool light installation just as easily as you pool heater installation. Considering conversion to saltwater pool? Our experts will do as fantastic a job for pool saltwater conversion as for LED pool light retrofit swimming pool.

Salt Water Pool Systems, Apopka, FL

It is never easy to decide to entirely redo your swimming pool. But we can guarantee you that if you hear about the many advantages of saltwater pool systems, you will have no hesitation at all about conversion to saltwater pool

As a resident of Apopka, FL, the effect of the strong sun already burns your skin. But when you take a dip in a chlorine pool after that, it becomes worse, as the low pH burns your skin even more. However, the lower chlorine concentration of saltwater pools does not allow that to happen. 

Moreover, you will feel no irritation in your skin and eyes, there will be no chlorine smell, your pool equipment will last longer, and maintaining the pool will become much easier too. These are reasons enough to go for a pool saltwater conversion. Above all, with Pristine Pool Repair Apopka, conversion to saltwater pool would not be costly at all. So, don’t wait any longer for that saltwater pool, and contact us now.


Pool Automation, Apopka, FL


Pool automation is the latest marvel in pool equipment technology. It is getting quite popular in Apopka, FL. Pool automation systems integrate the pool pump controller, heater controller, light controller, and the pool control systems of all the other equipment into a single pool control panel. Now, this pool controller can either be provided as wired systems or as pool remote control systems. 

You can go for Wi-Fi pool controllers like you find most commonly in Pentair automation or you can have the swimming pool automation controls made virtually through a smartphone app like the Zodiac Aqualink. Whether you are thinking about one of the best pool automation systems like Pentair pool controls or going for something simpler and easier on the pocket, Pristine Pool Repair Apopka can do it for you. 

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Pristine Pool Repair Apopka has been operating in Apopka, FL for a long time. We have provided the folks here with the best pool repair services since our inception. It is not just Apopka, FL itself that we serve. You will also be able to get benefit from our services if you live in the neighboring area of Altamonte Springs.

About Us

If you are looking for pool equipment repair, there is no better company to look to than Pristine Pool Repair Apopka in Apopka, FL. We are a family owned and operated business that pride ourselves on honesty, quality, with attention to detail at the most affordable prices for pool repair service in the Apopka area. 

It does not matter what kind of pool equipment repair or installation you are looking to get. We are well versed in all facets of pool equipment repair and new pool equipment installations in the Apopka, FL area including Altamonte Springs. Whether you are looking to get repairs done in your above-ground pool equipment or need inground pool repair, you will find it here. We are the best and only all-in-one solution here for all your pool repair needs.


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